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Dotted by volcanic fields, rugged, wide open plains and steep canyons cut by the mighty Rio Grande River, the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument in New Mexico is one-of-a-kind.

Its unique setting boasts a wealth of recreational opportunities from whitewater rafting to hunting, fishing, mountain biking and camping. At its heart, the La Junta Trial carves a culturally significant route of Indigenous Tribes and early settlers, and holds the key to unlocking a thriving, new Recreation economy for the region.

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument 

California Coastal National Monument

Framed by over 1,100 miles of rugged coastline and majestic scenic beauty, the California Coastal National Monument encompasses countless rocks, islands, and exposed reefs. This breathtaking expanse provides critical habitats for diverse marine life and is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering unparalleled opportunities for bird watching, whale sighting, and exploring its unique geological formations. Along the Monument’s rugged Mendocino County coastline, Point Arena-Stornetta’s coastal trails are being transformed to ensure a safer, more accessible experience for all visitors – opening up spectacular views of coastal bluffs, sandy beaches and the estuary of the Garcia River.

White Mountains National Recreation Area (NRA)

Stretching across one million acres near Fairbanks, Alaska, the White Mountains NRA offers a stunning array of winter and summer activities, set against a backdrop of jagged limestone mountains and expansive valleys. This pristine wilderness provides perfect conditions for dog mushing, skiing, snowshoeing, and enjoying solitude in one of its networks of public-use cabins, making it a premier destination for both adventure and relaxation. This patchwork of public lands and waters is also central to ensuring food security and a traditional way of life for Tribal Communities who rely on the iconic Chinook, and Chum, Salmon that return year after year to run Nome Creek Gravel-to-Gravel.

Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area (NCA)

Carved from volcanic rock along the Snake River in Idaho, the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey NCA is an unrivaled haven for raptors. Visitors will experience more nesting birds of prey here than anywhere else in North America which makes it a crucial site for wildlife conservation and a spectacular destination for nature lovers. Balancing this co-existence isn’t always easy – local communities, tour operators and land managers are working together to keep wildlife safe and thriving, and visitors hiking and biking scenic trails, birdwatching, boating and fishing.

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In partnership with the BLM, we will select inaugural “Lands to Love” that represent the diversity of America’s public lands and waters and the people who love them.