Our Goal

We will elevate the value of public lands and waters, celebrate the people who manage them, and inspire everyone to experience wonder.

Our vast and diverse public lands and waters have so much to offer. From scenic trails leading up to snow-capped mountain tops, to rushing rivers that carve through lush forests, to steep canyons towering above arid deserts — there is something for everyone to enjoy. Yet, far too many people aren’t aware of the unique treasures that exist all across the one-in-10 acres of U.S. land that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) oversees.

The Foundation for America’s Public Lands is committed to introducing people to their public lands and waters and sharing the extraordinary beauty and unmatched experiences that await them. As the official charitable partner of the BLM, we will celebrate the value of public lands and lift up the important role the BLM plays in managing our public lands and waters, including:

Fly Fishing


Conservation Areas

National Scenic and
Historic Trails

Wild and
Scenic Rivers