Explore La Junta Trail: Nature and Heritage

At the dramatic merging of the Rio Grande and Red River, the rugged La Junta Trail within the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument serves as a gateway for adventurers to explore stunning recreational opportunities, including world-class whitewater boating and fishing.

It also carves a culturally significant route of Indigenous Tribes and early settlers, and provides a unique access point to both the Red River and south-facing side of the canyon – especially during the winter months.
This natural wonder also holds the key to unlocking a thriving, new Recreation economy for the region, and is central to connecting local communities to the land. But, that access has been cut off.

In 2021 the Trail was closed due to erosion and rockfalls; a lack of funding and capacity has limited opportunities to execute the needed restoration that is vital to re-opening this heart of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

Together with local communities, the Bureau of Land Management and groups like the Friends of Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, we have a vision for shared stewardship, equitable access and an economic engine that will ignite the region.

“Reopening the La Junta Trail is not just about restoring access; it’s about reconnecting with the heart of northern New Mexico. This trail will bring the community closer together, invigorate local businesses, and educate visitors on the region’s unique history and ecology.”

Nick Streit, Founder of Rio Grande del Norte National Monument Friends Group, Fly-Fishing Guide and local business owner.

The La Junta Trail is a shining example of how public lands and waters knit together community, culture and economy – and give each visitor their own personal experience, connection and new found love for the outdoors!


Re-establish connections to nature, culture and a sense of shared ownership throughout the community.


Revitalize and boost local business revenues with increase the number of visitors to the area.


Interactive experiences highlight the characters and stories of the area’s rich history, wildlife and cultural significance.


Stories, personal experiences and unique memories made.

Why We Love It.....


Fortify the trail from ongoing erosion so all visitors can safely enjoy it for years to come.


Modernize trail amenities to boost accessibility and improve the overall experience from avid hikers to families enjoying a day out.


Enrich the trail experience with educational signposts that narrate the tales of the land, celebrating the cultural tapestry that makes this region unique.


Implement cutting-edge conservation and restoration initiatives for long-term sustainability of the trail and surrounding nature.


Creating shared responsibility among the many users of the Monument and the Trail – to ensure life-long funding, stewardship and support.