As one of its first program initiatives, the Foundation for America’s Public Lands is focusing on recreation.

Whether by foot, horseback, or on wheels, recreational activities are how most people engage with their public lands. We’re proud to be working with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to refine the agency’s outdoor recreation strategy and ensure it aligns with the needs and desires of the communities it serves.  

Over the last decade, BLM has seen a substantial uptick in visitors, with a 40% surge in visitors since 2012. However, the agency’s budget and staffing levels have not kept pace. With demand growing, along with limited current resources, the BLM must transform its approach to recreation management.  In order to ensure future generations can enjoy the same experiences, the Foundation is committed to supporting partnerships that will increase the resources, staffing, and funding available for recreation management. 

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality and diversity of outdoor recreation opportunities on public lands and waters, while also ensuring that these resources are managed sustainably and responsibly. By working closely with the BLM and our partners, we can create a future where outdoor recreation is accessible and enjoyable for all.

Community Input

In August 2023, the BLM released its Blueprint for 21st Century Recreation. Given the economic and social benefits of recreation to local communities, the Foundation is working to support the Bureau’s strong emphasis on embracing partnerships in the Blueprint.

The Foundation held three roundtables—two in-person and one virtual—and invited input from more than 120 organizations representing a broad range of recreation interests including motorized and non-motorized; hunters and anglers; businesses; heritage, affinity, and conservation nonprofits; and local, state and Tribal governments.

The objectives of gathering community input is to:

  • Build awareness of the current resource constraints and visitation pressure on BLM lands
  • Introduce a paradigm shift toward recreation management for public lands and waters through the Blueprint
  • Invite partner organizations to be thought partners and strategists in both addressing current needs on Bureau lands and moving toward a future vision.
  • Build and sustain relationships with new and existing partners to implement the Blueprint.

In November 2023, the Foundation released a report
synthesizing learnings from the roundtables that outlines responsive actions the BLM can consider fostering greater partner engagement, build an inclusive culture, and help address the challenges they face to ensure public lands and waters are available, accessible, and able to be enjoyed by current and future generations.

The full report, titled “Opportunities for Action: A Synthesis from Roundtables in Support of the Bureau of Land Management’s Blueprint for 21st Century Outdoor Recreation,can be found here.

A two-page fact sheet can be downloaded here.

We believe that effective collaboration and stakeholder engagement are critical to developing successful outdoor recreation programs and initiatives. To ensure an inclusive process, we’re gathering input from interested stakeholders. Learn more by emailing us at