America’s public lands and waters are vast and wild places of wonder.
Their astonishing beauty offers all Americans the chance to enjoy scenic trails leading up to snow-capped mountain tops, rushing rivers that carve through lush forests, and steep canyons towering above arid deserts.

These lands help

drive America

They support our economy through both recreation and natural resources, balancing these multiple uses to power rural communities and create opportunity for all to thrive. They connect us to a shared heritage, preserving landmarks of historical events in our nation, connecting to the ancestral traditions of indigenous communities, and allowing future generations to learn and reflect on the country’s past.

The Opportunity for a

Public Awareness Campaign

Go Your Way is a national, multi-year public awareness campaign that will open the door for all Americans to enjoy and benefit from the vast network of public lands across the United States. Today, only a fraction of Americans are even aware that these lands exist, let alone accessible usable by them to explore our vast country.

The campaign will bring the extraordinary beauty and unmatched experiences that these lands provide to Americans with awareness and education to inspire them to take part and share in these experiences.

As the first national campaign of the Foundation for America’s Public Lands, the official foundation for the Bureau of Land Management, we are looking for national and regional partners that will help Americans find public lands in their own backyard, encouraging them to visit and enjoy the various activities public lands afford. It will serve as an educational resource on how to be a responsible user of public lands and further building that connection and making public lands, in the eyes of Americans, a valuable resource that must be protected.

who is

our audience

Go Your Way aims to show Americans the value of public lands through the many ways they can be used 
for recreational purposes. The 245 million acres of public lands provide a range of activities—from camping 
and hunting to quiet contemplation and mountain biking—that all Americans can enjoy.

The national campaign is targeting the 24 million Americans who are connected with the outdoors, but not fully aware of the possibilities of public lands. These include:

Urban outdoor adventure

Americans that actively participate in outdoor recreation and have the budget and time to access public lands several times a year.

Outdoor Voters

Active spenders and voters that need some inspiration to seek out public lands but are likely to fall in love with these lands upon visiting and return again and again.

Inspired Americans

A wider audience that may not yet understand the value of public lands but is ready to seek out new adventures and activities.


with the campaign

The Go Your Way campaign offers an uncommon opportunity for brands to link their support to supporting and enjoying America’s public lands. Partnering on this campaign aligns your brand with 
the strong stewardship of our natural resources and unrestricted access that all Americans 
can enjoy through visiting our public lands.

Who we are

Foundation for America’s Public Lands

As the official charitable partner of the Bureau of Land Management, the Foundation for America’s Public Lands connects Americans to our public lands and waters and sustains these special places for present and future generations. The Foundation’s emerging work will connect people to public lands and waters and improve access, awareness, and stewardship of these places for present and future generations.


Contact to learn more.

the campaign

The first phases of the campaign will focus on those who can easily access public lands in or near their home state. With the Go Your Way tagline, we can reach a wide audience interested in a variety of potential activities on public lands, expanding the imagination of those who may not have considered a trip to these lands previously.

Campaign Look and Feel

Adventure begins on the road less traveled. It’s only when you step off the beaten path that you begin to discover new ideas, new forms of life, and new horizons. Go Your Way taps into this sense of adventure, encouraging Americans to answer the call and begin their own journey through sprawling terrains with nearly limitless opportunities to explore.

Go Your Way also taps into the American spirit of independence and uniqueness of each individual. Public lands are not dedicated to one single activity; they offer each of us the chance to explore and enjoy the land in the most active or passive ways we wish. How you enjoy the land is entirely up to you. But whether you climb it, photograph it, walk it, or simply observe it, you’re free to Go Your Way.


Campaign partners have the chance to be the first brand on consumer’s minds as they prepare to visit public lands, associating your products and services to the spirit of adventure that visitors to America’s public lands experience.

Further, we believe that when most Americans start their outdoor adventures on public lands, they’ll be eager to plan the next visit. The inherent brand association with visiting public lands through sponsoring the Go Your Way campaign can fuel customers to restock with your company for years to come as they continue to explore, try new outdoor hobbies, and enjoy the beauty of these sites.

The current landscape of sponsorships of nature-based organizations has been crowded for years. With the launch of the Go Your Way campaign and the development of the Foundation’s goals, corporate sponsors have a rare opportunity to be the first brand associated with visiting our public lands. Your company will be on the ground floor supporting an organization actively encouraging users to visit while driving your brand’s vehicles, wearing your brand’s clothes, carrying your brand’s supplies, posting photos and updates to your company’s website…the possibility are endless.